When i got offer to shoot futuristic music video, i realized that we can’t do it in Moscow because of unpleasant winter. I felt like we have to go to a different county. Covid-19 situation was escalating, borders were closing down and i was afraid that we’re gonna get stuck in Moscow or not gonna be able to come back from abroad. Despite emergency warnings we took a risk and went to Tokyo- Japan.
We were lucky enough to get to Japan where we were shooting video from early morning to late night, running around different locations.
During video shooting we ran away from cops because we were shooting at prohibited location, were any kind of photo or video shooting is illegal, we crashed drone on one of the most busiest cross roads in the world.
Long story short, trying to organize everything on your own, without a producer,in a foreign country, even tough you spent time on preproduction - not the easiest part of video shooting.
Directed by:
A Ermolich @aermolich

Director of Photography:
Ave Repin @ave.repin

Visual effects:
Eugene Shipunov @eugeneshipunov
A Ermolich @aermolich
Aleksandr Danilov @danilofph

Dmitry Litvinov @litvinovdimaa

Sound design:
Andrey Markus @qweex.sound

Calligraphy by:

Special thanks:
Vadim Sergeev @vadim.qweex Qweex production @qweex.production

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